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Plaque and Calculus(tartar).

Published in April 21, 2016 by Francis Mestre.

*Disclaimer: Images on this website are just examples, result may vary from person to person.

Plaque and Calculus(tartar).


plaque et tartar

It is very important to distinguish between the two; they are not formed in the same way, do not cause the same problems and will not come out in the same way.

Plaque is a buildup of bacteria held in small colonies in the mouth. These well organized bacteria are resistant to antibacterial agents and form in just 24 hours. Dental plaque is the cause of caries and gum problems (gingivitis, periodontitis), and can be removed with a mechanical action, that is to say with brushing and flossing . Once disorganized bacteria, then they become harmless and highly vulnerable to antibacterial agents. Mouthwash used right after brushing and flossing then slows down the process of new plaque formation.

Tartar, can’t be removed with the toothbrush or dental floss. It can take weeks to appear, but once in place it can only be dislodged with dental instruments during scaling. Tartar is a mixture of minerals from the saliva and food, which will stick to the teeth; it is much easier to tartar to accumulate if there is already presence of plaque because it makes the surface of the teeth sticky. It usually accumulates near the salivary glands behind the lower front teeth or the upper first molars. If cleaning visits to the dentist are not respected, it can also seep under the gums, gaining a destructive potential of the gums and bone around the teeth.

I hope this will help you understand a little more the differences between dental plaque and tartar and the importance of impeccable daily hygiene!

By regular visits to our dental clinic, you will be able to keep your teeth and gums healthy as long as possible!

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