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Diana Dental Care is a privately owned dental clinic established on December 8, 2006. This dental clinic is owned and operated by Drg Diana T. Sutandya who has 28 years of experience and a proven reputation with both adult and pediatric patients.

This clinic provides a wide and comfortable environment, full general dentistry services, orthodontics, pedodontics, prosthodontics, dental surgery and cosmetic dentistry. The clinic office is located at Jalan Widjaya 1 No 65, South Jakarta and Taman Kebon Jeruk blok D6 No8 West Jakarta, which is convenient for most of our patients and has parking facilities for approximately 15 vehicles.


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We are Dentistry

Our Team of Dentists, Specialists and Dental Hygienists

Drg. Diana Sutandya

General Dentist

A dentist who graduated from Prof. FKG University. Dr. Moestopo who graduated in 1986. Drg. Diana has three certifications from both local and international institutions. He is also a member of the international orthodontic association.

Drg. Borman Sumaji., Sp.b.m

General Dentist

Specialists in Oral and maxillofacial surgery: tooth extraction, wisdom tooth removal, cleft repair, jaw surgery, dental implants, and microsurgery. Graduated from Gajah Mada University (UGM), Padjadjaran University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Ann Arbor University, University of Alabama.

drg. Christy Allicya Sutandya

General Dentist

Dokter Christy Sutandya adalah dokter umum muda dengan semangat yang lulus dari Trisakti Universitas. Dia menangani berbagai aesthetic treatments (restorative, veneers, bleaching, crown & bridge), scaling, root calan treatment, tooth extraction, minor surgery, dan dental implant. Saat ini Dr. Christy sedang menempuh study spesialis bedah mulut di Universitas Indonesia.

Drg. Diego Dimas, m.m

General Dentist

Diego Dimas M.M. is a dentist who graduated from Trisakti University in 2008, earned a master’s degree in management from Pelita Harapan University, and studied the implant course in Singapore with the BICON implant system, loves art and is passionate about his work. Currently Dr. Diego is currently studying dental conservation specialist at Trisaksi University.

drg. Harina Pramadita

General Dentist

Drg. Harina is a dentist who graduated from the Trisakti University FKG. He is very diligent and happy at his job. He is also someone who is very talented in his field.

Drg. Sindy Anindya

General Dentist

Doctor Sindy Anindya is a general practitioner who graduated from Trisakti University. Specialists in: scaling, tooth fillings, tooth extraction, root canal treatments, dental crowns and bridges, partial denture and dental veneers.