We Work Professionally

Planning and working carefully is our commitment.


Company Profile

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28 Years of Dental Excellence

Drg. Diana started the Clinic in 2014.

Quality Assurance

Diana Dental Care is committed to continuously improving our knowledge and providing the best for our patients. In addition, we also work with insurance companies to add to your sense of security in our services.

Customized Care

We recognize that every case has its own needs, so we work with you to create a personalized treatment plan to suit your specific needs and wants. We work as a team with a common goal – to serve our patients.

Qualified Dentist

Doctors are skilled, qualified and have good long-term experience. Make your oral health a priority. Come to us if you need the help of an experienced dentist; we are your partner in keeping your mouth healthy.

Sertifikasi – Certifications

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sertifikat drg Diana 820210502_16425930-1
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CV drg Borman 20210502_15535710-1
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sertifikat ddc_210419_0
sertifikat penghargaan drg Borman 120210502_15455878-1
CV drg Borman 220210502_15544678-1
sertifikat drg Diana 620210502_16342675-1
sertifikat drg Diana 920210502_16452238-1
sertifikat drg Diana 520210502_16245084-1
sertifikat drg Diana 420210502_16223763-1
sertifikat drg Diana 320210502_16194905-1
sertifikat drg Diana 220210502_16111103-1
sertifikat drg Diana 120210502_16155255-1
sertifikat penghargaan drg Borman 520210502_15523812-1
sertifikat penghargaan drg Borman 420210502_15503805-1
sertifikat penghargaan drg Borman 320210502_15494486-1
sertifikat penghargaan drg Borman 220210502_15483992-1


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Tujuan Kami –
Our Goal

We'll Make Sure You Always Get The Best Results

Our goal is to improve the dental health of each patient in a comfortable and safe environment. We are committed to providing exceptional dental care for all patients and reducing the anxiety of everyone.

In fulfilling our goals, we treat each patient like family and utilize advanced technology to meet the needs of each patient effectively and efficiently.


Meet Your Dentist Now!

A smile can make a positive change

Most people will think getting healthy teeth is very difficult. That view is totally wrong! The good news is you can consult with our expert dentists to consult on the health of your teeth. We can improve the quality of your smile by making your teeth healthier and more qualified.


Galeri Kami – Our galleries

We want you to know more about our dental family!

Get to know us further, give us the opportunity to be able to help maintain the health of your teeth.


Some of Our Patients

“Doctor Diana has helped me to recover from TMJ. She made my jaw aligned again and relieved the pain I was suffering from. Now I can eat peacefully without fear and my teeth are much more beautiful than before.”

Priatno Executive

“Wow! So different Major restoration dental undertaken at DDC. I recommend these highly professional, yet personal and friendly Dentists and the magnificent friendly and efficient staff. From start to finish they carried out significant restoration work for my teeth. Drg. Diana, Harina and Adele, and staff at DDC that I can speak highly enough of. New smile, new outlook. Thankyou so much” Kind regards, Peter

Terima kasih banyak!”



Peter Loubiskis










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