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Temporomandibular Joint Disorder

Mandibular joint disease or commonly referred to as TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disease is a disease / disorder of the joints in the jaw. TMJ disease can include pain when opening and closing the jaw, chuckling or erupting, pain in the ear, headache, locking the jaw or even not closing the jaw.

Perawatan Gigi Anak

Regular maintenance every 6 months can help your child’s teeth grow healthy and strong. In addition, make sure that there are no dental problems in your child during his development. Consult with us as an expert.

Gigi Palsu

Denture fitting can solve complaints that arise against patients who have problems with missing teeth, such as speech disorders, eating disorders, and others. The denture fitting in our clinic uses the latest and modern technology so you can feel comfortable when using it.

Perawatan Saluran Akar Gigi

Generally, root canal treatment is performed to treat pain caused by inflammation or infection of the pulp. This can occur due to cavities or injury to the teeth accompanied by a dirty mouth condition.

Crown & Bridge Gigi

Crowns and bridges are fixed dentures. This type of denture cannot be extracted by the patient because it is attached to the tooth using a gutta percha (often called a crown and bridge).

Veneer Gigi

Dental veneers are a medical procedure used to improve the structure of the teeth by applying veneers to the desired part of the tooth. In addition, veneers can also hide defects in teeth, such as unwanted tooth color, size and shape.

Operasi Gigi dan mulut

Dental surgery and oral surgery are usually performed to treat abnormalities in the oral cavity. The scope of the disease handled usually includes dental implants, wisdom teeth surgery, jaw surgery

Pemutihan Gigi

Teeth bleaching or whitening aims to whiten teeth back to their original color. Tooth bleaching treatments are widely chosen because they are quick, easy, and effective procedures to improve a person’s appearance. 

Restorasi Estetika Gigi

Repairing the teeth by paying attention to the aesthetics of the patient’s tooth structure. Tooth restoration / filling materials are not only used to treat pain but also consider aesthetic value very much.

Tambal Gigi

Dental fillings are used to repair teeth that are damaged or cavities. Changed teeth are caused by bacteria in the mouth that produce acidic substances. The filling method and materials are adapted to the patient’s tooth condition.


Invisalign is a barely noticeable & removable, Invisalign clear aligners effectively straighten your teeth while still letting you do the things you love.

Kawat Gigi

Braces aim to improve the aesthetics of uneven teeth. There are several braces to choose from, including permanent braces, removable braces, functional braces, headgear, retainer, lingual, and clear aligners.

Diana Dental Care provides invisalign care for you. care provides invisalign care for you. Contact us for further consultation and information.