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Why do you need a filling?

Published in April 21, 2016 by Francis Mestre.

*Disclaimer: Images on this website are just examples, result may vary from person to person.

Why do you need a filling?

1 – Cavities


Cavities are the number one reason that dentists give patients fillings.

2 – Tooth Fracture

tooth fracture

Many times, fractured teeth can be repaired with white composite filling material.

Prevent your teeth from fracturing by wearing a mouth guard during some sport activities as boxing, football…

3 – A Slow Loss of Tooth Structure


When you fracture your tooth, you lose a lot of tooth structure quickly.  There are other ways that you can lose tooth structure more slowly, such as abrasion, abfraction, erosion, and attrition.

The best way to prevent this type of tooth loss is by avoiding acidics drinks, candies and not grinding your teeth, and also not using your teeth as tools, they are not scicor so don’t try to open a packaging with them…

4 – Replacing Old Fillings

old filling Composite filling

Old fillings may need to be replaced.  Over time, white fillings can discolor and the bond between the filling and the tooth can break down.  Silver fillings may also fracture after many years of service.

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